Brand Story

The overall logo adopts the form of Chinese unique character + seal, and graphic part uses artistic creation to interpret the word "能" in it, which not only reflects the brand slogan of "Born from Renewable Energy, Drives solar forward."
Orientation:Your trustworthy brand for smartsolar mounting system
Roots:Most trustworthy products and service
             Best stage for hard workers acheive glorious goal
             Fastest Payback and most stable growth brand for investors

Brand Story

Renewable Energy Expertise

Be an Expertise in Renewable Energy and achieve carbon neutrality as our main goal

Technical Energy

to become a trustworthy mounting system brand, our technical design energy solve the real problem to our clients

Energetic works

Do it right at the first time, efficient solving every problem

Energized solar brand

Aim to mount every module to solar plant, and to bring Grace Solar to all homes!


Bring Grace Solar to all homes


Mount every solar plant firm as rock, bring more profits from the sun

core value

Do it right at first time