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Solution Intro

· dopt single push rod drive, no complicated transmission chain, reduce the adjustable failure rate. · High protection level with Drive protection level IP66, to ensure 25 years of reliable angle adjustment, and without exposed rust and jamming of the screw nut issue. · Each column has a fixed support, the structure is safe, reliable, and costeffective.


  • Fault detection
  • Easy to assemble
  • Gain incresement
  • Safe and reliable
  • Wireless transmission
  • One-key adjustment


It is applicable to all power plant projects.

Technical Specs

Technical Parameters
System type Single-column wireless synchronization adjustable bracket
HDG+ AL-MG-ZN+ pre-galvanized zn
Foundation type
Ramming post, PHC pile, concrete foundation
Adjusting angle
Wind resistance

<47m/s, 3 seconds gust (customizable)

Design standard Design standards according to customer standards
Control Method
Drive method
Push rod synchronous adjustment, no connecting rod mode
Remote control parameters
Adjustment method One-key adjustment of four seasons preset angles
Stop mode
Pause/Emergency stop
Power supply mode
Charging/battery power supply
Adjusting angle
Product Feature
One-key adjustment : One-key regulated, it is adjustable by preset angles in four seasons.
Wireless transmission : Wireless signal transmission to achieve stepless angle adjustment.
Safe and reliable : The column, push rod, and adjusting arm form a triangular stable support which makes the structure stable and reliable.
Gain incresement : Larger power generation gain, which is about 2%- 6% higher than the fixed bracket.
Easy to assemble : No need for on-site processing, convenient construction.
Fault detection : Equipped with fault alarm mechanism to ensure stable and reliable operation.

Users Comments

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