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Solution Intro

The industrial and commercial rooftop PV solution is currently the largest single BIPV project solution provider in China. It can not only meet the design requirements of conventional buildings such as anti-leakage, anti-settlement, and anti-tension, but also has high wind speed and high snow load. , Good ventilation and lighting, excellent heat insulation and fire prevention, strong shock and water resistance, easy operation and maintenance in the later stage, etc., can bring customers a more generous return on investment while protecting the safety and reliability of the entire building.


  • It meets the requirements of anti-leakage, anti-settling and anti-stretching of conventional buildings
  • The roof has 25 years of power generation revenue
  • It meets the three major characteristics of building wind pressure resistance, air tightness, and water tightness


It is suitable for power plant projects on roofs, renovation of old factories and construction of new factories.

Technical Specs

Technical Information
Installation site Commercial and residential roofs Angle
10°, 15°, 20°

Steel or Stainless STeel

Color Natural color or customized
Surface treatment


Maximum wind speed
Maximum snow cover


Reference standards
GB5009 & ASCE7-05 & Other
Usage time

More than 20 years

Quality assurance
10-year quality assurance

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