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Solution Intro

The Grace Solar Adjustable Tilt Mounting System is suitable for fixing various common framed solar panels at a certain angle relative to the roof. The system can be a fixed angle or an adjustable angle such as 10-15 degrees, 15-30 degrees or 30 ~60 degrees. The unique aluminum alloy extruded rail, oblique mounting clamps, various clamps and a variety of roof hooks can be highly pre-installed and make the installation simple and quick, saving your labor cost and installation time. The customized length can eliminate the need for on-site welding and cutting, thereby ensuring the high corrosion resistance, structural strength and aesthetics of the product from the factory to the installation point.


  • Pre-assembled for easy installation
  • Increase output power
  • Wide applicability
  • Safe and reliable



Technical Specs

Pre-assembled for easy installation
D-module can be put into GD Rail from any position. So the parts Can be pre-assembled in the factory to save your install time on site.
Various Solution to the different conditions
GD Rail and its accessories can be installed with most of solar panels on the commercial and residential roof.
Safety and Reliability
The racking systems can stand up extremely bad weather complying with the AS/NZS 1170 and other international structure load standards. The main support components have also been tested to guarantee its structure performance and load-carrying capacity.

Technical Information
Installation site Commercial and residential roofs Angle
Parallel roof(10-60°)

High-strength aluminum alloy & Stainless steel

Color Natural color or customized
Surface treatment

Anodizing & Stainless steel

Maximum wind speed
Maximum snow cover


Reference standards
AS/NZS 1170 & DIN 1055 & Other
Building height

Below 20M

Quality assurance
10-year quality assurance
Usage time More than 20 years

Users Comments

GraceSolar design is very standard and safe, along with Good Performance,application and time-efficient fill with technology
During Projects executin, we found GraceSolar very strict on projects schedule and process
Also would like to take much time to study our requirements, and feedback perfect service,we very satisfy and respect this way of work

Program Manager
Customized Accounts service,GraceSolar leads market with best quality solution and proffessional service
From 2013, we working with GraceSolar for dozens of MW projects,
During the time, GraceSolar team offers great benefits to our solar projects and our team with their experience,best quality products and service.

Managing Director

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