The first in China! Grace Solar aluminum alloy PV carport system passed Japan JIS certification!

Publish Time:2021-12-02 Sources:garcesolar

Grace Solar Aluminum Alloy PV Carport passed the Japanese JIS certification, becoming the first Chinese domestic solar mounting system supplier to pass the certification. This certification is mainly aimed at medium and large parking lot projects. Passing the certification means that the safety of GraceSolar's carport system in the construction of medium and large parking lot projects has been authoritatively recognized!

What is JIS Certification?

JIS standard is an industrial standard formulated and deliberated by JISC, which is the top 10 standardization organizations in the world. It is not only the most important and authoritative national standard in Japan, but also has a high influence in the world. JIS certification not only strictly tests the product quality and performance, but also reviews the factory to ensure that the factory has the strength to continuously and stably produce qualified products..


Why do PV carports require JIS certification?

PV carports are mostly set up in densely populated urban areas, and the safety performance of the carport is related to the personal and property safety of users. Therefore, the Japanese market has rigid requirements for medium and large carports, and the materials used for carports need to pass JIS certification. Previously limited by this policy, Chinese PV mounting system suppliers were unable to undertake medium and large-scale photovoltaic carport projects in Japan.

Grace Solar attaches great importance to JIS certification. We strictly declare in accordance with the requirements, overcome the impact of the epidemic, and actively cooperate with the review team. After one year of rigorous procedures, we finally obtained JIS certification, and became the first PV mounting system supplier in China to obtain the certification. It shows that our safety in the construction of medium and large parking lot projects has been authoritatively recognized!

With office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals and other urban public spaces are increasingly using photovoltaic carports, GraceSolar will provide you with safe and reliable products and services!