Cooperation with the LARGEST PV wholesaler in Australia! Grace Solar starts the road to revival in distribution market since now!

Publish Time:2021-09-18 Sources: Views:136

 As the first batch of Chinese photovoltaic mounting companies to enter the Australian market, Grace Solar has been in the Australian market for 12 years. Recently, Grace Solar signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Australia's largest photovoltaic distributor and became the main support supplier of the group's distributed photovoltaic business.

 As one of the company's flagship products, GS· Roof Mounting System has been well received since it entered the Australian market in 2009. Grace Solar attaches great importance to the localized development of products and services, adjusts its product strategy according to local requirements, and continuously introduces the old to bring forth the new. It has obtained TÜV authoritative certification and has a place in the fiercely competitive Australian distributed photovoltaic market.

 The signing of this strategic agreement is based on long-term and stable cooperation in the past. It is hoped that both parties can continue to intensively cultivate in the promising Australian distributed photovoltaic market, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and jointly promote the development of local clean energy.

As a trustworthy photovoltaic mounting manufacturer, Grace Solar continues to increase R&D investment in strong green and low-carbon technology to provide global customers with safe, reliable and cost-effective photovoltaic mounting solutions. In the future, we will continue to accelerate our global deployment, and while helping customers create more value, we will contribute to the global "carbon neutral" cause!