Another 400MW signed! Grace Solar announces it's upgrading cooperation with Japanese renewable energy giant by the BIGGEST solar park in Japan

Publish Time:2021-09-17 Sources:

Japan is one of Grace Solar’s key markets. After all these years, we partner with Japanese veteran solar developers to maintain long-term close cooperation, to participate in hundreds of local projects, has accumulated rich experience.

Recently, Grace Solar signed another contract with Japanese solar developer who has already cooperated with Grace Solar for more than 10 years, and the first phase of 70MW shipment has been completed. After the completion of the project, it may become Japan's largest photovoltaic ground power station. It is expected to generate 500GWh a year and provide clean energy to 130,000 ordinary households each year, which is conducive to promoting local environmental protection and economic development.

As one of the core suppliers of this customer, Grace Solar can cooperate with it tacitly in past project cooperation, and has jointly completed nearly 20 ultra-high projects and nearly 100 high-voltage cases. The signing of this project will be an important milestone for Grace Solar in the Japanese market and a testimony to its strategic partnership.

The terrain of the project site is more complicated and the weather conditions are more severe, so higher requirements are put forward for the strength of the support. In order to help customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency, Grace Solar project team has invested thousands of hours of research and development efforts and made countless revisions. In the end, our efforts were recognized by customers, and 2 different foundations and 4 arrangements were determined to correspond to different terrain conditions.

At present, all kinds of solar power plants that Grace Solar participated in the construction are all over 80% of Japan’s prefectures and counties, and have maintained the top market share in Japan for seven consecutive years. It has passed many tests in the Japanese market, which is famous for its harshness, and is deeply trusted and trusted by customers. Recognized. In the future, Grace Solar will continue to give full play to its leading advantages in products, technology, and services, and work with Japanese partners to deepen the local market and further promote the sustainable development of the solar energy industry!