10MW projesct of Grace Solar in Taiwan is under construction !

Publish Time:2021-08-27 Sources:

A few days ago, The customized 10MW ground power station project for Taiwan customer is under construction. The project is mainly located in Kaohsiung and Pingtung, and is expected to be completed in September.


As we all know, Taiwan Island is located in the Pacific Ocean seismic zone and is affected by the subtropical monsoon. The air humidity and salinity are very high. This requires photovoltaic support products to have better shock resistance and corrosion resistance. The location of this project belongs to the coastal area, and there are higher requirements for the performance of all aspects of the product.


The project is under construction 

Based on the above location factors, Grace solar has customized a high-corrosion product protect solution, using special anti-corrosion coating technology so that the surface treatment thickness of the substrate can meet the highest level of anti-corrosion requirements, and it has been tested by a TAF-approved testing laboratory report. Parallel needles design suitable arrangement to achieve higher wind and earthquake resistance. According to customers, there are only few of  manufacturers that can reach this level.

We have obtained TAF-approved laboratory qualification certificate

In addition, in the context of rising raw material prices and shortage of production capacity, Grace solar can give full play to its own production strength to complete the shipment of products on site in the short term, and provide great guarantee for the project's construction and grid connection on schedule.


In this project, Grace solar designed the overall plan based on the field conditions and the actual needs of the customers. Both quality and efficiency have been highly recognized by customers.


The photovoltaic power station solution needs to be refined and customized according to the environmental differences of the project site, which means that the bracket manufacturer needs a large amount of project experience to support. In more than ten years of intensive work in the industry, Grace solar has accumulated profound R&D and program design capabilities. In Japan, which has similar climate and topographical conditions as Taiwan, we have already achieved many UHV projects.


Being able to combine the location factors of the project site at the height of the system, customize a suitable overall plan, and provide strong support for the cost reduction and efficiency increase of the photovoltaic power station. This is also the reason why Grace solar can maintain its competitiveness.