Grace Solar-70MW PV Roof Project in Indonesia is Completing its First Phase Construction of 200 Roofs.

Publish Time:2021-06-22 Sources:Grasol

Recently Grace Solar is successfully sending out PV roof products for 200 roofs in Indonesia, and has entered the installation stage. The total capacity of the project is 70 MW, and will be divided into 600 roofs. The products of second phase will be shipped on August, and the whole project is expected to complete in 2 years.

Project Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia is in the tropics, rich in light energy resources, and has good solar energy development conditions. Earlier, the Indonesian government issued a series of policy support, which greatly accelerated the construction of the Indonesian photovoltaic market. In this cooperation, Grace Solar shows its excellent execution from the initial contact, project signing, and shipment arrangements, which are trusted and appreciated by customers.

n the PV market of Indonesia & South-east Asia, Grace Solar adjusts its products according to the country's industry standards and the local environment, and provide its own BAPV roof system solutions that best meet the local demands. With the solution of Grace Solar, the electricity generated by BAPV roof system will first supplied for self-use, and the additional power will be sent to power grid to achieve the goal of energy saving and environmental production.

BAPV Roof Solution

Grace Solar’s BAPV roof solution has passed the test of TÜV, including the corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, and static load test of the products, to ensure the safety and reliability of the product. At the same time, the products will be pre-assembled before shipping out, to help customers to reduce the cost of installation.

As one of the first batch of mounting system supplier that goes into overseas market, Grace Solar has a good brand foundation overseas, relying on brand advantages, innovation capabilities and product quality to build corporate competitiveness. As a trustworthy brand of intelligent manufacturing of photovoltaic mounting systems, Grace Solar always insists on providing customers with efficient and reliable products and services as the foundation, and continues to provide customers with more competitive system solutions. The mission must be achieved!