2018 Grace Solar Awards Ceremony & Year-end Party

Publish Time:2019-02-01 Sources:Grasol

Pursuing Dreams for a Decade! Fighting for huge new success! 
2018 Bymea Awards Ceremony & Year-end Party

As the year of the dog went by, the year of the pig approached with blessing. There were so many cheerful and spectacular experiences and memories in 2018. It was our hard work and dedication that have enabled us to gain honor. It was our diligence and perseverance that have helped us build a dream.

On the 31th of January 2019, Bymea Group sincerely invited all members to join the year-end party hosted in the Wyndham Hotel. It’s time to mark the end of another wonderful year and drink a toast to the future success together.

Master of Eremonies

All of the things we accomplished this year were due to one thing: the people of this organization. Our team is what made everything possible. To people working in every department, we want to say thank you for your efforts and dedication in 2018 and wish you a very happy new year.

Speech by Representative from Excellent Team

 Interactive entertainment is a must during happy hours for celebration, and it adds laughter to the dinner party. Various kinds of ice breaking games have mobilized the atmosphere, and reinforced team cohesiveness.

Game Session

Lucky Draw Session

With laughter and singing intertwining, the New Year is coming to us. On this special occasion of year transition, we may be full of mixed feelings and thoughts. In the coming year, with vigorous vitality, high-spirited spirit, fearless guts, let us join hands in pioneering and innovating to realize higher target.

Pursuing Dreams for A Decade. Fighting for huge new success.

Finally, wish you all the best in 2019!